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It won’t be in textbooks. Our children won’t learn about it in school. They’ll pretend it never happened just like they are right now. However, you can bet your ass my children will be taught about what happened. I’ll make sure that they know. It may not be “trending” anymore, but I won’t let it be forgotten and neither should you.

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we need a universal hand signal for “my parents don’t know about that”


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"i dont need feminism because—" great. wonderful. amazing. i literally do not care

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Harry in Who We Are.

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i am genuinely paranoid that everyone secretly hates me and thinks i am really annoying and ugly and is pretending to be my friend and it’s all part of some big joke

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cockiness is so attractive to me in a way and it’s so irritating. like it’s annoying. and it annoys me. but the kind of expression and body language that comes with it. the self-satisfied attitude. the smug comments. the eye rolling. the smirking. “come and get me” hand gestures during a fight. eyebrow raising with an air of superiority. it’s just like. fuck you. i’m annoyed right now. i am so annoyed right now. but oh my fuck i am also so very, very attracted right now

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